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Earn extra income, financial freedom, Own A business, personal development, more spare time, build new relationships, Help Other People, Leave a Legacy. All these things are possible just take time to read this article and follow the instructions. There is a company that offers its customers lifestyle enhancement products and opportunities. It also offers them a growing list of everyday items, and packages it all in a product bundle called a Privilege Pack. Don’t feel confused you will understand it. Avenues to wealth is an Australian company that offers numerous deals that are amazing plus an income opportunity. These deals are called privileges. The privileges include local, international and mixed privileges. The chairman of Avenues to wealth in Nigeria is Professor Pat Utomi. He is the founder of Lagos Business School and a man of integrity in the Nigerian society. Before you read on answer these few questions and know if this program is for you 

1 Would you like to earn multiple stream of income on a weekly basic?

2 Would you like to access substantial discounts on hotels, cruises, and free vacations?

3. Would you like to enjoy discounted product and services round the world like online shopping & shipping?

4. Would you like your dream vacations paid for through a simple cash rewards program? 

5. Would you want to change your financial status from security to independence? 

6. Would you want to turn you dormant bank account into an a ATM MACHINE? 

7. Do you know of at least 2 other people who would answer YES to this question? 


       To be a member you must purchase the privilege pack which entitles you to enjoy all the amazing privileges that they offer. Registration fee is $300. They give you these privileges on a platter of gold because you can’t get them elsewhere. You stand a chance of making extra income when you become a member of Avenues to wealth.

The privileges include

Free Access to over 6500 e-books worth $3000 form our website. Membership also gives you the right to download resell these e-books without paying a dime.

Short stay offers that blow your mind-As a member of the Avenues to wealth, you can travel to cities such as Las Vegas and Dubai on a one week vacation with as low as $300.The company takes care of other expenditures.

Amazing cooperative ownership of properties-Their co-operative program entitles members to purchase or acquire properties. All interested members must pay 10 percent of the value of the property and the rest payment is spread over a thirty year payment plan period. Currently members are purchasing properties developed by Avenues to wealth in the Igbesa Area of Lagos state and the payment of 7million is spread across 30 year payment plan. 

Amazing fractional ownership of properties abroad-Their mortgaging program gives members opportunity to invest in property abroad. Any interested member should invest as low as $325 or more. These money is pooled together and is used to acquire a property. As the value of the property increases the property is sold and the money is shared to the investors based on the percentage invested. 

Glo mobile SIM card-All members can purchase this globacom SIM CARD which are used to make free calls. 

Discounted flight and hotel rates-You can access over 90.000 hotels and airlines around the world. Your membership entitles you to book for your flight or make hotel reservations at far discounted rates. 

Processing of travelling documents-One exciting package is the processing of your visa and immigration documents as a member. Their agreements and alliances with immigration experts enables members to get their visa with as low as $400. 

Discounted expenses to study abroad-Their alliances with some of the best universities in the world gives you access to apply for education abroad, get your admission processed without hassles. This also covers you for discounted rates for school fees and other education expenditures. 

Free medical deals to the best hospitals in the world-Your membership with Avenues to wealth gives you the license to travel abroad for medical checkup. You can travel to the best hospital in India for a major surgery with as low as $200.You don’t need to pay for the other expenses. 

Free distributorship into some multi-billion dollar companies-Your membership entitles you to purchase MAC Nichol’s products without passing through their registration process. Registration with Mac Nichols is $1500(N2 MILLION) but you don’t need to pay this money once you are a member of Avenues to wealth. You just join and start purchasing the Mac Nichols products. These products are highly refined sugar, custard, chocolate drinks and beverages.

Thermocool deals-Membership with holidays and cash makes you a distributor with thermocool. You just order for your products through your web page with your membership ID. You don’t need to pass through the procedures of processing your membership with thermocool. Now you can purchase fridges, air conditioners, gas cookers and other home appliances .

Laptop deals-Your membership entitles you to purchase new laptops with as low as $300 

Brigit bay deals-Through their alliance with Brigit bay, members can purchase items online and get it shipped to their destination. Items such as computers, wears, etc can be purchased through Brigit bay at cost price. 

Access to loans- Avenues to wealth gives loans to their members through theirrco-operative scheme.Members must access the loan by running a monthly savings with as low as N5000.After 6 months the money will be given to the member depending on the amount invested. 

Membership entitles one free enrollment into this academy where individuals will be trained and awarded with certificates needed to kick start them in life.

Wonderful income opportunity-Membership with Avenues to wealth brings you into an amazing wealth creation system where members can amass great wealth though our network marketing programme.

If you are satisfied with your position in life then you don’t need this opportunity, but for those who require more time, financial freedom and who want to live a legacy please contact VESTERconcept now.For further enquiries dial VESTERconcept help line now -+2347066078036

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