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Do you want to start making extra income? Would you like to start making money from your own BulkSMS website similar to www.websms247.com? If your answer is yes then you are in the right place. With the wealth of experience in the business the author of many other best selling ebooks online Ugo Sylvester packaged a complete bulksms reseller guide ebook for everyone who desires to start the bulk sms business.

What is the book All About?
The book explains to the reader easy to follow steps with pictures and illustrations on how to set up your own bulksms website WITHOUT doing any coding or any knowledge of web designing. With this book you will not make common mistakes people make while trying to start up the business. You will be well guided to make the best choice and to do business with companies with the cheapest possible reseller price. You will be able to
sell SMS at your own rates and make cool profits!

Inside the book, you will also learn:
How To start Your BulkSMS site with less than N7000
How To Use The “Support” In Responding To Users Queries    etc
How To Give Free SMS To New Users Of Your Site
How To Get A Domain name for your site at N1500
How To get and maintain customers
How To Fill Your Bank Account Details
How To choose a nice domain name
How To pull traffic to your website
How To Set Your Prices
How To Credit Users
How To Delete Users

How Much Will It Cost Me To Set Up The SMS site After buying this book?
The book will explain the secret of how to set up your bulkSMS site with just N6, 500.
How to get your site working within 24hours. No need to pay for web hosting because the BulkSMS company will host your site for free.

How Much Will I be Getting SMS To Resell?
==> The ebook will explain to you how to get sms as low as N0.50 per sms and as high as N1.95/sms
==> The ebook will explain to you how to set the price you want to sell your sms at your site.

How Much Is The Ebook? The ebook costs N3, 000. If you are interested in buying this ebook, send “BulkSMS  RESSELER GUIDE ” in a text message to  234 (706) 6078 036 or click this LINK to send us a mail with your request.
How Long Will It Take To Receive The Ebook After Payment?
Once we receive your request we will contact you and when we confirm your payment, we will send the ebook to your email immediately. You will surely get it SAME DAY that you paid for it.
What If I Want VESTERconcept To Set Up The SMS Site For Me?
Yes, we can help you set up the site. It will take maximum of 48hours to get it working.
==> It will cost you N9, 500
==> 1000 sms unite will be included in your site which you can resell  at any amount you want

Any Bonus?
You will be free to contact us at anytime you encounter any problem. You will also get lots of free ebooks from us if you request.
If you are interested in buying this ebook, send “BulkSMS  RESSELER GUIDE ” in a text message to
 234 (706) 6078 036 or click this LINK to send us a mail with your request.
Best Regards,
Ugo Sylvester
For www.vesterconcept.com

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