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|By Emmanuel Nwosu, for VESTERconcept|

S a computer engineer cum VESTERconcept columnist lots of people have complained to me that they have one or more problems with their personal computers due to hibernation, that left me wondering if hibernation actually damages a computer. As a matter of fact, I hate shutting down my laptop because of the time it takes to start up and the time taken to restore my browser tabs which may be up to fifteen minutes sometimes. Hibernation saves electrical power. After hibernating, the hardware is completely powered down (just like for a regular shutdown). Therefore a hibernated machine uses no more electrical power than one which is switched off. Meanwhile, hibernation is a means of avoiding the burden of saving unsaved data before shutting down and restoring all running programs after powering back on. Hibernation is used in computers, which have limited battery power available. It can be set to happen automatically on a low battery alarm. Most desktops also support hibernation, mainly as a general energy saving measure.
 Hibernatingyour computer is a very good way to save your work but people often try to convince me that it’s going to damage my motherboard eventually. Is there any truth to this? Is it a practice one should avoid?
First, let me try to tell you what happens when your system goes into hibernation. What most people do not

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1 Hibernation damages your hard disk
I don’t believe this to be true. Like I mentioned earlier, when your computer goes into hibernation, it stores a system file in which the memory is written. The file is stored in the root of your hard disk with the name hyberfil.sys. This stores whatever you’re doing and it’s the same file windows uses when it’s powered back on to take your OS back to its previous state. While your system is hibernating and the file is being created, it’s advisable not to move your computer so as not to give the hard disk any kind of shock. So far this is observed, hibernation cannot damage your hard disk.
2 Sleep mode is safer than hibernation
This is not true but it’s a matter of choice. When you put your computer to sleep, it still consumes power though it’s just a little and some amount of system resource is still used to maintain your work but it’s totally different with hibernation – your system saves your work and totally shuts down
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3. Hibernation damages the motherboard

This isn’t true, it’s got nothing to do with the motherboard. If you hibernate and your motherboard gets fried, it’s just a coincidence.
4 It consumes battery and reduces battery life
This isn’t true because hibernation consumes the same power as when you shut down. Practically, there is no power consumption whatsoever. Only Sleep mode consumes battery
Finally Hibernation has lots of advantages but there are also certain things you should know to safely use it now whenever you notice that your computer’s rather too slow, don’t hibernate please shut down completely. Hibernating when you just installed new drivers should be avoided because certain drivers need a fresh restart to fully install. It’s not advisable to hibernate when you’re running heavy applications like HD games. These applications eat up your RAM and saving all that information on your hard disk can slow down your computer considerably. Hope this article was helpful to you, to enjoy more of such article VISIT AND LIKE US ON FACEBOOK.
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