If you wish that your files should not be easily visible to others on common PC say shared with friends or family, you can make the files invisible on Windows with a simple command on command prompt.

This trick would hide the files so that

– the files would not be visible to Ctrl + A

– the files would not be visible in case the “Show hidden files and folders” option is enabled

– the files would not be visible to Winrar or Winzip also

Below are the very simple steps in which the files can be made invisible on windows:-

STEP 1: First of course, hide the file or folder from its “Properties“.

STEP 2: Now disable “Show Hidden files/folders” option from “Tools -> Folder Options“.

Hmm. Now you can say “What’s so special? Anyone can enable the option again.”

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STEP 3: OK. No problem. Disable “Folder Options” using Registry Editor. Please take a look at Point 4 in following topic:

All Kind of Restrictions for Windows

Again you’ll ask “So what? Anyone who knows about “regedit” can re-enable Folder Options. Then?”

STEP 4: Simple. Disable Registry Editor also. Again take a look at Point 5 in following topic:

All Kind of Restrictions for Windows

Now we have almost done and our hidden files are safe but not really. Why? Because “regedit” can be enabled again using “gpedit.msc“.

Go to:

User Configuration -> Administrative Templates -> System

In right-side pane, set “Prevent access to Registry editing tools” to either Not Configured or Disabled and it’ll re-enable Registry Editor.

So to make our method 100% safe and working, just follow this last step:

STEP 5: Rename gpedit.msc to some other name like “vester.msc” and then hide it. You can find it in “Windows\System32” folder.

Now whenever anyone tries to run “gpedit.msc”, Windows will show an error 4message “file not found”. But you can always run it using the new name “AskVG.msc”.

So its an easy to follow and absolutely free method to hide your private data from others.

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