How to Add Powerful Start Menu in Windows 8

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For some Windows users, eliminating the Start Menu in windows 8 was one of the most devastating changes. The biggest complaints Windows 8 users have is that there is no way to get the Start Menu back. Microsoft took away one of the most used features of previous versions and gave users no way to get around it. At VESTERconcept we believe in offering solutions to you that is why in this tutorial we are introducing a very powerful program termed power8.   With Power8, you can get the Start Menu back in Windows 8. After downloading and installing power8 in your system you will be able to open your most commonly used apps and programs, you can open a  more traditional Start Menu by clicking “Start Menu” at the top and you can even turn off your PC from here. see picture below.
You can open the settings by right-clicking your new Start Menu to start customizing Power8 to work for you the way you want it.
From here, you can turn on auto-start so that Power8 will start when you boot Windows. You can also have Power8 automatically check for updates.
Configure Start button allows you to change how the Start Menu button looks. You can change its aspect ratio to make it larger and you can select an image to represent it as well.

Searching from Start Menu

The Web search engines area of the settings shows you the shortcuts related to the search feature of Power8. Power8 can search your PC, Windows and the Internet.
In order to search the Internet in Power8, in the search box, type the letter corresponding to the search engine and then your query, like this:
g maketecheasier windows 8
You can add search engines by selecting on an empty box and copying the format from the other search engines, like this:
You can get Power8 here. The installation is not difficult and when completed, an arrow will point to the familiar Start Menu to let you know where to get started. This is your world of solutions! Informations like this and more are always available at concept forum. Bulksms as low as 70kobo is possible @ If you like this share it in any of your social networking platform. To contact us use our contact page or Email
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