How to Block or Unblock Twitter Accounts

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If you are having issues with any spam Twitter account, or you don’t like the tweets by selected user. Then you can simply block that account in no time. Now we had to release this article after one of our regular visitor and top commenter at  requested for this information, then and there we realize how useful this info will be to so many others.  Our dear esteemed followers, subscribers and fans we sincerely appreciate and enjoy your encouragement and praise we will always be at our best to proffer all-round solutions to you. If you have a problem or question feel free to forward it via our

CONTACT FORM or email . This article contains the information that will help you block and unblock spam account in Twitter, or people you don’t like their tweets. Twitter provides you block feature just like Facebook. Please follow these simple steps enumerated below. 

Blocking Twitter Account

1. Sign in to your Twitter account and locate the account you want to block.
Note: If you have a tweet from the person’s user account, click on 
respective account name shown on the tweet. 

2. Now click on person’s icon displayed on the user profile.

3. Select Block @username from drop down menu. Note: Here @username reflects the person’s username. Now you have successfully blocked the person  and that user account won’t be able to interact with you anymore until you unblock the person.

Unblocking  a Twitter User Account

1. Locate the blocked user account.

2. Now either click Blocked button or click person icon and select unblock @username from drop down menu.

Note: Here @username shows the respective username of the user 

account you have blocked. That will be all for now remember this is your world of solutions.

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