How To Change Windows 7 Boot/Logon Screen to something more colorful, exciting and fanciful


 VESTERconcept {your world of solutions…..} brings to you a new tech solution you will love. If you follow and apply the procedures in this article you will be able to change the boot/logon screen of your windows laptop or desktop. It’s very possible and easy to change your computer logon screen image to something more exciting, colorful and fanciful. So if you have ever considered changing the logon screen image of your windows laptop or desktop which is boring or you simply need a change we’ve got the solution.  You can change this with a photo in your hard disk drive or from your picture gallery, you can even add a text to it so when you log on you see the text like motivational, inspirational, welcome message, quotes, password reminder etc. Now we have two simple and cool methods to go about this both was mentioned in detail below.



This method involves the use of third party software. The software is ridiculously easy to use, doesn’t require installation, and it even has built-in tools to automatically resize and recompress your images while leaving the original file untouched. The Logon Changer also lets you quickly change your logon wallpaper back to the Windows 7 default. Click the link below to download’s Logon Changer and then unzip the executable. Run the program and it should present you with a preview of your logon screen along with a few self-explanatory options: “Change Logon Screen” lets you browse to a new image, “Test” will bring up your logon screen, “Revert to Default Logon Screen” reapplies Windows 7’s original wallpaper.



This method also involves the use of another third party software. The software is quite easy to use and it requires installation.  Click the link below to download   Thoosje Logon Editor and follow the steps listed below

1.Install Thoosje Logon Editor
2.Click on Backup: This function creates a restore point for your system in case something goes wrong so you can always do a system restore and end up with your former setup
3.After the backup Click on browse to search for the picture you want to set as your logon screen..
4.After Locating and opening it, On the Thoosje Logon Editor  Click on change background your done.
To check and see Press Ctrl + Alt + Del


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