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Do you want to make your face book
chart exciting and creative? We will teach you how to chart with your friends
and fans with wonderful colorful alphabets. Yes it involves the use of codes
which we are going to revile to you in this article. Don’t get scared of the
numerous codes you will have to type. VESTERconcept will not creat a problem in
other to solve one for you.  Simple copy
out each code for each alphabet and save it as a word document in your system. When
your charting open the document and just copy and paste each code that
represents the alphabet you intend to use. The image your seeing is the screenshot of the  colorful alphabets.
The best way to use them is to insert
a space in each of the alphabet code

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[[107015582669715]] = A

[[116067591741123]] = B

[[115602405121532]] = C

[[112542438763744]] = D

[[115430438474268]] = E

[[109225112442557]] = F

[[111532845537326]] = G

[[111356865552629]] = H

[[109294689102123]] = I

[[126362660720793]] = J

[[116651741681944]] = K

[[115807951764667]] = L

[[106596672714242]] = M

[[108634132504932]] = N

[[116564658357124]] = O

[[111669128857397]] = P

[[107061805996548]] = Q

[[106699962703083]] = R

[[115927268419031]] = S

[[112669162092780]] = T

[[108983579135532]] = U
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[[107023745999320]] = V

[[106678406038354]] = W

[[116740548336581]] = X

[[112416755444217]] = Y

[[165724910215]] = Z



[[112669162092780]] [[107015582669715]] [[116651741681944]] [[115430438474268]] [[115602405121532]] [[107015582669715]] [[106699962703083]] [[115430438474268]]

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