You can create a diary in your personal computer to store important information and events with date and time. VESTERconcept is poised to help you maximize the use of your computer with interesting tips, tricks and twicks. This tip is very easy to apply and it will result in a perfect personal computer diary. This will definitely enable you keep track of useful and important information while making use of your computer. Follow and apply the simple steps below to be able to set up the PC diary.

*      Open your notepad.
*      Type .LOG [in capital letter] and press the enter key.
*      Save the notepad document with any name preferably “MY DIARY”. We suggest you save it on your desktop for easy accessibility.
*      Close the notepad document.
*      The next time you open document again you will see the current date and time being automatically inserted after the .LOG. This will happen automatically every time you reopen the notepad document.
*      Your diary is set enjoy!!!!

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