How To Lock/Unlock Your Computer Using Your mobile Phone

If you’re a student or you work in a public place, it’s always needful to lock your personal computer Windows desktop screen each time you’re moving away from it. Now it will interest you to know that you can lock your windows desktop screen without touching your keyboard. Your computer will be able to detect that you’re not around and automatically lock your screen immediately. With this you’re sure that no one can access your files, folders and documents without your consent. More so it’s fun and simple to use.  Do you dislike tapping any key like hitting Control + ALT + Delete and lock your screen or hit the Windows key + L? This article contains information that will help you maximize and enjoy your computer usage with easy. Also you will be sure of your privacy even in emergency situation when you had to rush off while making use of your pc. There is software that can lock your computer with the aid of your mobile phone via Bluetooth each time you move away from your computer. You may have
been making use of several type of Software to lock your Computer in order to protect your private data and content, but here is a more-efficiently means of locking/unlocking your Computer using your mobile phone, this software is called Bluetooth Proximity BTProx

Bluetooth Proximity Lock is free software that makes use of Bluetooth technology of your phone to lock your Computer. It monitors the distance between your Computer and your mobile phone. Once the software is Installed on your Computer and Connected to your mobile Phone for the first time, Whenever you are not around your Computer, your Computer automatically Locks itself and once you come nearer to your Computer it will unlock
itself again. The Software only works only on Pc that has inbuilt Bluetooth or External Bluetooth device

How To Use Bluetooth Proximity Software

1. Download and install Bluetooth Proximity.
2. After Installation, start the software and go to Bluetooth Settings on your Computer, Pair your Computer and your Phone together. Skip this step if you have already pair your device.
3. Open the program and select your device using by clicking on “…” button next to “Used device” option.
4. Set the timeout after which the computer will be locked. {This is the time you want your Computer to lock once your mobile Phone is away from your Computer.}
Affiliate Program ”Get Money from your Website”5. Now click on the “Start” button.
6. The icon of the program turns orange on the Desktop Tray as soon as your device is found discoverable.
7. When the device disappears and the icon turns red, few minutes after your Computer will be locked (Depending on the time you set).
You can abort this program by simply right- clicking the icon on the system tray and choose “Abort work station lock“   Enjoy and share with love this is your world of solutions

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