How To Open & Verify PayPal Account With Your Blackberry Phone In Nigeria

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Having a paypal account is very needful especially for those of us who does online business and usually make lots of payment online. Paypal account is globally accepted as a payment system. Due to some some reasons best know by the company that owns paypal Nigeria is among the countries blacklisted from using the service.This tutorial will be teaching you how to easily create and verify PayPal account using your blackberry phone in Nigeria.

You will need the. Following in other to Create A PayPal Account

Blackberry Phone with active Bis Subscription

VBA (USA Virtual Bank Account)

Your blackberry phone let you access Paypal website with a foreign IP Address without the use of any software at all while the VBA allow you to verify your PayPal account.

Step 1: Open your blackberry default browser visit This will check the location of your phone and you should see your IP address as United Kingdom or otherwise; but not Nigeria.

Step 2: Generate your US phone number and address by going to or http://
choose a suitable state and city and you’ll get a list showing so many business contact details (address and phone number) in the US. Copy down this details somewhere safe.

Step 3: Next, is to visit PayPal homepage at Opening a USA PayPal account with UK IP might make PayPal think you are living in UK but you are a US citizen who wants to open a PayPal account to be linked to your USA bank account.

Step 4: Click on Sign Up ===>Choose Premiumaccount type, fill in your details including a valid email address, plus the US address and phone number generated earlier and click on ” Agree and Create Account” button.

Step 5: Now you should receive an email to verify your sign up in your email box; please use your default blackberry browser to access your email, don’t use any other browser not even your opera mini (it’s very important you adhere to this).

Step 6: Copy out the verification code PayPal sent to your email and go back to your PayPal account, past the verification code in the space provided.

Step 7: If successful, you will be directed to the next page to provide two secret questions and answers for security verification. Finally, click on submit once you’ve provided the two secret questions. You now have a Paypal Account but not verified. Though you can still use it to make and receive payments online with some limitations.

How Can I Verify My PayPal Account? To verify your PayPal account, you are going to need USA Virtual Bank Account. Search online for people who provide US VBA services. Once you get , they will provide you with the following informations – A routing number, An account number, Bank name, login ID and Password Once you have your VBA info, go to “My Account” and add all the details required. Once done, click on ” Confirm Instantly”, and you will receive an alert displaying your bank confirmation account.

How To Fund Your PayPal Account GREENDOT: With GreenDot, you can fund your PayPal with it, its like buying a recharge card card online. Their are still some more ways of funding your PayPal account. PAYOONER: Payooneer is a universal Credit card for paying and buying online. You can get your own Payooner Credit card and get it delivered to your address free of charge. to get your copy faster, you will need
1. A valid scanned copy of your ID Card like International Passport/National ID/Drivers lincense or otherwise. At-least if you don’t need a PayPal account, you will surely need a Payooner account. It’s for free so sign up with them and get your own Payooner Credit card delivered to your house address free of charge. This is your world of solutions.

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