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The information we are about to reveal to you is very valuable and it’s simply application of IT in enhancing your daily living. When you lose your phone via theft or carelessness you did not just lose your phone but also your contacts messages pictures and other valuable information that could be used against you. When you lose your phone via virus attack you’re bound to lose all the data in the phone especially when the only solution is to flash your phone. If you’re a victim of any of the instances mentioned above your situation could best be described as tragic. Now we are not here to tell you how pathetic it is to lose a phone with all the information in it rather you will learn how you can protect your phone from theft and viruses. Moreso, in the event that your phone was collected at gun point or stolen and you wish to forget the phone but you would want to retrieve or wipe out your contacts, messages and other important data you will learn how to do that in this article. You will also be able to track where your phone is and locate the person with the phone. It’s no magic rather it is application of IT. To be frank with you people are suffering for lack of knowledge. Now straight to business.  Anti-Theft is an application for your mobile phone that provides a great way to protect it if it gets lost or stolen – and it’s FREE!

  This is what you get:

  • Easy to install and use
  • Protects your confidential information against loss or theft
  • Helps you locate your phone

  How it works

  #LOCK# – Remote lock your phone

Ok, you lost your phone – lock it quickly with single SMS message! The phone stays locked until you get it back and enter the right password. Send text message: #lock#  to your phone to lock it

  #LOCATE# – Locate your missing phone

  How do you locate your lost phone or the person who has it? It’s simple – use locate and see it on a map. It’s as easy as that! Send text message: #locate# to your phone to see its location on a map

  Theft control

Want to nab the thief? If someone steals your phone and changes the sim card, the phone locks down automatically and the thief’s phone number is reported to you. This feature works automatically when it’s activated.

  #WIPE# – Remote wipe your phone

If it looks like you won’t be getting your phone back you have one more trick up your sleeve – erase all your confidential data. The thief is left with just the covers without of the content. Send the text message: #wipe# to your phone to wipe it.


 Scan you phone for viruses and delete them keeping your phone safe from all mobile phone viruses.

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