How to Repair Bad Sectors on Hard Drive


How to Repair Bad Sectors on Hard Drive

What’s a bad sector?

A hard drive contains millions of sectors. Once a sector is damaged, the data on it can’t be read and you are unable to write on it. As to bad sectors, there are two kinds, one is physically bad and one is logically bad. If physically bad, it is unrepairable unless you replace it with a new disk. Otherwise, it can be repaired, and we will be teaching you how to fix bad sectors that are damaged logically. Bad sectors can cause data loss on your hard drive. Thus, make sure that you do have backed up the data written on the sector before you take repairing steps, and stop your computer to continue writing on it.

Repair bad sectors with Windows built-in tool

1. Go to “My Computer”, and select the disk you want to repair. If you have no idea, you can fix them all one by one.
2. Right click on the disk, and choose “Properties”. Then go to “Tools” tab.
3. Under the error-checking, hit “Check now”.
4. Check “Scan for and attempt recovery of bad sectors” and click “Start”.

It generally scans and repairs bad sectors simultaneously. When it finished, the bad sectors are repaired. By the way, if you want to fix file system error at the same time, you also can check the option. There may be a situation that it reminds you it can’t be repaired because the disk is in use now. Usually it’s disk C: where your operating system installed. Then you can choose to repair it automatically when you start your computer next time. That will be all this is your world of solutions!!!


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