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A BlackBerry like any mobile phone is prone to encounter some “bugs and errors” like Application freezes, Erratic Network connection, Error codes, Unable to transfer files via Bluetooth etc. The simple and best solution to these bugs and errors will be formatting or resetting your blackberry device to factory default. This tutorial will guide you on how to soft/hard format your device. If you have encountered any of these bugs errors mentioned and you want to format or reset your device follow the procedure outlined below.

Here’s the procedure to perform a “Soft” or “Hard Reset” on your BlackBerry  Device Make a backup of all your applications and data before resetting your BlackBerry device. This can be achieved via the Backup and Restore tool usually found on the BlackBerry Desktop Manager.  If you do not have the blackberry desktop manager check HERE for details on how to. 

Soft Reset

If you can’t sync your BlackBerry with your PC (device not detected), then you can make use of the following key combination to perform a soft reset: Press the following keys simultaneously: ALT+DELETE+RIGHT SHIFT. The screen will go blank and from there let the device start normally.

Hard Reset

You can use a hard reset when your applications/device are not working properly.

This is achieved using the same key combination as above:

ALT+DELETE+RIGHT SHIFT. But this time you will have to use it twice. On the first attempt the Blackberry screen will turn blank and will light up. Upon this use the same key combination again (ALT+DELETE+RIGHT SHIFT.), you should get a blank screen followed by an hour glass. Let the device boot normally and it should be OK. Information’s like this and more is always available at concept forum. Bulksms as low as 70kobo is possible @ show some love share this in any of your social networking platform. Amazing E-books are available for downloads check out our E-books page. To contact us use our contact page or

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