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Now I will try to explain the cause of slow sluggish response and frequent hanging of your blachberry phone then I will show you the simple solution. I must say am glad to be part of your world of solution [VESTERconcept]. Am excited I finally had the opportunity to share to the people fantastic info that will offer solution to them. By the way my name is Chinonso. Have your Blackberry phone been slow and sometimes hangs up? Well, the fact is “Every Action, Process on your blackberry Phone is logged”. You check Mail, Use Facebook, Use BBM, Yahoo! Messenger and Twitter.  All these Processes are logged in the Blackberry Event Logs. Once the Saved Logged hit some certain levels, the ram of the phone would be used up to certain level that It tells on the Phone and then it begins to Slow down the  Phone and even leading to hanging up as there are no much memory left in the RAM.

                The Simple Solution is to
clear the Event Log Register and Free up some memory in your Phone’s RAM. Listed below are steps you will take to clear your phone’s event log
1. Hold down the ALT key and press LGLG (the letters) while on your Home screen.

2. You will have to wait a bit while your Phone loads; you will see your event logs.

3. Now, Click the Blackberry menu button and select “clear log” this will clear your Phone Log and you phone gets back to working at optimum performance.

EDITORS NOTE:This is a great article from chinomso which am sure will be able to resolve the issue of Blackberry phone sluggish slow response and frequent hangs up. Am sure you will be expecting another great tutorial from him soon.


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