iPad 2 Vs iPad 3 Detailed Comparison

Apple usually bring out a new iPad every year or so, and there are always people that are wondering whether it’s worth upgrading or not to the latest model. If you’re still unsure whether the iPad 3 is actually worth purchasing (if you already have an iPad) or you’re just not sure whether you should buy an older model for a better price, then hopefully we’ll help you decide.

The main differences are:

The processor in any kind of hardware like this is very important since it impacts on how fast the device is at doing things such as loading games, videos etc. Inside the iPad 2, there is an A5 processor which is very fast, but in the newest iPad (known as the iPad 3) there is an A5X processor. Thanks to this better processor, the graphics on the iPad 3 is considerably better than the previous model from Apple.

There is quite a big difference between the cameras that are on these two iPad’s. On the iPad 2 you can take videos and so on but only in 720p HD and 0.7 megapixels, however, on the iPad 3 you can take 1080p HD videos and its 5 megapixels which is quite a difference. If you’re always taking pictures or videos then it might be worth spending some more money on the latest iPad.

The size of a tablet is very important to the majority of people. Nobody wants a tablet that is too thick or whatever, thankfully both iPad’s are quite thin but there are still differences between the two. For example, the iPad 2 is 8.8m thick while the latest iPad is 9.4mm. So, the iPad 2 is actually thinner which most people wouldn’t expect but you’ve got to remember that there is so much more packed into the iPad 3.

Weight is also an important issue. You want to be able to carry around your tablet with ease, don’t you? Well, with the iPad 2 or 3 you’ll definitely be able to do that. The iPad 2 weighs 600 grams while the iPad 3 weighs in or around 650 grams. Just like above, the iPad 3 may be heavier but there is much more hardware built in to the iPad 3 so what else can you expect!

Battery Life
Everyone wants to get as long as possible out of their devices, whether you’re talking about laptops or tablets. The iPad 2 and iPad 3 can get around 10 hours battery life, so there’s nothing in the difference. However, the iPad 3 is running more things like a better display which is very good. When Apple first announced that the display was going to be better people thought that this would impact on battery life, but it hasn’t which is a bonus.

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