The affect of low self esteem on a relationship is devastating; regardless of whom the carrier is. Low self esteem doesn’t see race, sex, age, religion, marital status, height, weight, or any other label or category you could possibly attach yourself to. Unfortunately, low self esteem isn’t something you can plan for, either. But low self esteem is something you can change – with a bit of hard work and patience. Women with esteem issues, have them for many reasons. A lack of self esteem could stem from something as simple as ones looks, to a lack of education or even a childhood trauma. Regardless of the cause, this ailment must be explored and taken care of for you to enjoy a healthy relationship with your spouse. When a woman in a relationship is constantly seeking the approval of her partner, or the reaffirmation of his love, she is adding to the stresses and aggravations in his life.

Men also arrive at low self esteem for many reasons. However, you will find the numbers of men suffering from this condition fewer than that of women. If for no other reason, than they simply do not dwell on their emotions as ladies do. A man might feel the pain of failure but he is unlikely to analyze it into a full blown low self esteem problem. Not to say that they aren’t out there. They definitely are but you may never know it.

People who have low self-esteem often put themselves down. This can have a dramatic affect on a relationship, as it can cause issues with jealousy, and also make people feel as if they are ‘lucky’ to be with their partner, resulting in them constantly worrying that they may be ditched. Low self-esteem affects everybody, some more so than others, but it is how you deal with it that can prevent it from becoming a cog in your relationship. If you allow issues with self-esteem to run your relationship, then this can be the basis of its ruin.

What affect can low self-esteem have on a relationship?  This is what you will learn from this article and also the solution to low self-esteem problem. If you want to know why VESTERconcept sometimes releases articles on building a healthy relationship use our contact page.

How Low Self Esteem Affects Dating Relationships

In a nutshell, when you think poorly of yourself, it shows. Like a bad stain smack in the middle of a white t-shirt, low self esteem is hard to miss, offputing, and ultimately detrimental to any and all relationships, dating or otherwise. So trying to attract a loving, beneficial partner when suffering from low self esteem is an uphill battle, at best.

As well, a nasty side effect of having low self esteem is the uncanny ability to find love in all the wrong ways and places. Think about it: how many times have you given parts of yourself to another in the hopes that they’d love you in return? Unfortunately, many people with low self esteem admit that they have.

In a way, low self esteem in a dating relationship becomes a sort of a push-pull: the person suffering from low self esteem has convinced themselves that they aren’t lovable, yet attempts are made to get the person they are dating to try and prove otherwise. This is a potentially self-defeating, demoralizing and damaging state of affairs, and one that may repeat until the person afflicted chooses to do something about it.

So how do you rebuild your self esteem so as to attract a healthy dating relationship? Take a peek at the information and tips below for a perfect solution. If you suffer from low self esteem issues, please seek help in learning to love yourself, forgive yourself or whatever it is you need to do to be whole again. The information on this topic is boundless and easily available on line. Equally there are qualified therapists and counselors all over the world who specialize in this area. Read a book. Take a class. Seek a therapist. Do whatever you need to do to find the peace of self love and self realization. You can change things if you’re willing to change your own perceptions
Overcoming low self-esteem is not an easy task. It is something that takes time, and which requires the support of your family and friends. But only you have the power to stop those negative thoughts from ruling your life.


Here are some tips to help you stop low self-esteem from ruining your relationship:
1. Unique : You need to realize that you are a unique individual, and that you should not strive to fit any pre-conceived image of perfection you may have.
2. Communication: If you inform your partner that you do have low self-esteem, then they can understand why certain arguments arise. They can also provide valuable support.

3. Positives over negatives: Rather than concentrating on the negatives, think about the positives. If you think hard enough, you will be able to list several things you like about yourself.

4. No one is perfect: We all make mistakes. Don’t strive for an unattainable perfection.
5. Niggling thoughts: Do not allow the little things to constantly get you down. Think about things in perspective, and remember that one failure does not automatically make you a failure.

6. Listen: Do not take things out of proportion when you are offered criticism. If you believe that something said is unjustifiable, then say so, but contemplate what has been said before jumping in all guns blazing.
7. Face your fears: The only way to overcome the fears and anxieties that cause you low self-esteem is to challenge them. Start with the small ones and work your way up.

8. Don’t lash out: Do not repress any negative feelings as this will only lead to them building up, which can result in an outburst of aggressive behavior. Take some deep breaths to calm yourself down.
9. Don’t strive for approval: People with low self-esteem will usually go all out to be liked by others. But you are not worthless, and if someone does not like you for whom you are, then they are not worth your time. Learn to be selfless at times.

Finally, this is a simple instant exercise to regain confidence the anchor exercise – This is a self-help technique, which involves the person thinking back to a moment when they felt great confidence. You need to allow this confidence to flow through your body. When the feeling of confidence is at a great level you pinch yourself, which acts as an anchor. Then, next time you feel you need a boost of confidence, pinch yourself. This will act as an on switch to those feelings of confidence.


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