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Most enterprise being large small or medium are dependent on electric power for their operations. The problem of epileptic power supply does not in any way encourage or support the growth and survival of these industries.  For example, power failure could lead to loss of human life in case of surgical operations in hospitals. Also, there could be delay in cash transactions between banks cum banks and their customers. This situation 
informed our decision to design and construct a well packaged, modernized, flexible, strong and digitalized remote controlled inverter with an electronic display (LCD) with provision for personal locking code. This inverter will be able to charge batteries attached to it using public power supply or even a generator and will in turn be able to supply power when these sources are not available. This project is intended not only to bring an alternative source of power to homes, offices, institutions and factories, but also to ensure environmentally friendly and convenient solution to our power problems.
For more information on the project contact VESTERconcept in other to get to us. we can help you build an inverter for your home and office use and we can also teach you how to build an inverter. with this  you can start upa business and become an entrepreneur  
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