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God Always this Month

New Month SMS, NIce Day SMS
Be it Walking To Attain Running to Sustain Climbing to Obtain, or Flying to 2 Maintain Know that u’ll always find God’s Hands supporting you all d way 4rm now and Eva. Happy New Month   …

New Month, No Failure

 New Month SMS, NIce Day SMS
As u enter this new month There are 3 things God will never do God will never fail to you God will never stop Favoring you, and He will never Forget You. May God keep u and grant all ur hearts wishes Cheers   …

Wish You A Great New Month

Patience is the key to all doors of success,
Patience teaches us the art of hard work,
We should do this practice, so we can find the
real concept of success and happiness.
Happy New Month.

Welcome 2 August

 New Month SMS
Dis Month, God will lift you out of Obscurity Flood your Life with light, give you joy & Satisfy you in drought You are a Watered garden, a Spring that will neva Fail Welcome to August // // // ]]> …

New Week, New Month

 New Month SMS, NIce Day SMS
In this New Week and Month You will dance to the music of good health Extra-ordinary gr8ness and prosperity from God Thanks for remembering Me Happy New Month // // // ]]> …

Month 7

 New Month SMS
(Numbers 29:1) And in the seventh month, on the first day of the month Ye shall have an holy Convocation: Has He said it, He will do it in your Life IJN Happy New July   …

Dis Month ?

New Month SMS, NIce Day SMS
Dis Month, God will surprise you beyond your expectations All things will work 4 your good IJN, Amen. God morning Dearie and have a Blissful Day and a month full of Miracles I care and thanks a Lot   …

New Beginning Months

 New Month SMS
8 is circumcision and New Beginnings In August by the Harvest His Mercy will let The Heaven Over your Life, Job, Business, Marraige be Opened 10times over now and 4ever IJN   …

Month 8th

 New Month SMS
This Month is the 8th Month so I pray 2 God To Elevate You Frustrate your Enemies Excavate your problems Eliminate your Worries Associate you with Favor, so You can locate ur Destiny Api New Month 

Step into D New Month

 New Month SMS
Every step and decisions u’ll take this new month will usher in great and positive changes 2 ur life The Gud Lord will cause people 2 Bless and Favor U U’ll be celebrated. Happy New Month   …

Apy New Month – August

New Month SMS
For Me, After Perfection comes manifestation. May this month herald d Manifestation of those things which the Lord has written concerning you IJN. Happy New Month Sent in by ~ Bola Akinyulire   …

Happy New Month.

May new month becomes one of the most
blessed and happy months for you
In this beautiful month,
May its shining lights up every dark corner of our heart,
May our all prejudices against each other disappears,
May Allah give us the strength to follow His orders,
May peace transcend the earth.
Bless You A Very Happy New Month.
Happy New Month.
The New Month of happiness has arrived,
Get ready to gather all the treasure of blessings,
May we Praise Almighty Allah from dawn to dusk,
Help others by giving them smiles and happiness,
So everyone can enjoy the celebration of spring,
Wish You a Nice Month Ahead.

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