Quickly Restore/Recover Deleted Files in Windows

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Most times we accidentally delete our important data or documents. Sometimes, it could be as a result of operating system error or hardware failure. We are here with the solution. If you accidentally deleted your important files and you desire to recover the file back you are in the right place reading the right tutorial. This tutorial provides you with a working trick or method to Un Delete your files in Windows. We actually use a data recovery software or tool to recover lost files or Folders in Windows, this method works on all Windows i.e. Windows XP, Windows 8 and Vista also. You can recover any type of data, be it picture, video file, music file or presentation or worksheet. Follow the steps outlined below to quickly recover your lost or deleted files
Go to Software Download Page.

Your download will start automatically.

Now Run the file and install the software.

Lunch the application and  run a Search for lost files.

Customize your search according to your requirements.

Restore the desired files or data.

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