Having received so many enquires and questions from our readers on the cheapest and best browsing data plan to choose from the numerous data plans from all the mobile networks in Nigeria. We found it needful to present this topic knowing that there are so many who are looking for the answer to this same question. This article is an answer to a very popular question we had to answer on a daily bases. This article will be taking a look at the most popular data plans at the end you will be able to understand how and why the plans we are suggesting for you is the cheapest and the best. Let’s take a look at the 200MB for airtell, glo and etisalat subscribers valued at 1000 When a meager 200MB costs 1,000, calculating the amount you’ll be spending monthly on internet subscription can sum up to a scary result. You may decide to go for the 3GB plan at 5,000 but still, it isn’t enough for someone that does a lot of work online and downloads and even if you try to “manage” it, you’ll have to limit yourself from lots of internet activities like audio streaming and heavy downloads. Now let’s check out these two data plans below and see why and how there are the cheapest and the best.

Using Glo Premium Plan

This isn’t so popular and I guess it’s because of the price. Now remember the saying “penny wise pounds foolish” This plan can normally be use on both mobile and PC. This Premium plan is part of the Glo Mega deals made for Nokia smart phones (N8, E7 and E6). With the Premium plan, you’re allocated 6GB of data for 180 days and it costs 7,500. It looks like a whole lot of money but let’s do some comparative analysis and a little mathematics.

The regular Always MAX plan costs 7,500 naira but you must exhaust it within 30 days or the rest of your data bundles will waste. Going for this Premium plan (made for Nokia smart phones) lets you use the same 6GB allocated data over a period of 6 months. Also if you’ve been paying 1,000 for their monthly 200MB, you can see this pays a lot more. If you’re the type that uses about 2GB monthly, you’ll be saving quite a lot of money going for the premium plan. Besides, you can use it both on your phone and USB modem; it doesn’t have to be a Nokia smart phone.

To activate this plan:

1. Be sure you have a credit balance of 7,500 and above

2. Text PREMIUM to 411

3. You should get a confirmation message in a few seconds

4. Use your regular gloflat settings to connect

•        Access point: gloflat

•        Username: flat

•        Password: flat

If you exhaust 6GB and you need to go for this plan again after a few months before the normal expiry period, you have to cancel the plan and re-activate it.

To deactivate, text CANCEL or STOP to 411

Using Airtel Blackberry Plan

 This is more popular because it looks cheaper than the Glo Premium plan mentioned above. This is actually made for Blackberry phones but it works quite alright on other mobile phones and you can use it on your USB modem. With 1,200, you’re allocated 1GB of data for 30 days.

To activate:

1. Be sure to have a credit balance of 1,200

2. Type *440*4#

3. Immediate, you should get a confirmation message displayed on your screen.

4. Connect using the normal Airtel access point settings

•        Access point:

•        Username: internet

•        Password: internet

You may finish this before 30 days but you won’t be able to subscribe again as you’ll be told you’re still on a plan. To cancel and reactivate the plan, you have to text DEACTIVATE to 440. You can then re-subscribe. Either of these plans should be ideal for you. It works perfectly on all gadgets and devices be it Android or Symbian, Ipad smart phones etc. This is your world of solutions.

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