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If you are a yahoo mail user, you may have notice most times when you try to access your yahoo mail account via your mobile phone, an error message comes up preventing you from login into your account and also request that you access your yahoomail account using a computer before you can access your account using your mobile browser.
Now this article was put together after we received a request from one of our numerous readers asking for solution to this.  Obviously the problem is from yahoomail website and not your browser hence there is no reason for you to blame your phone or to start thinking of getting a better phone just like that.

Now I want to assume that you are using an opera-mini browser as this is the most commonly used mobile browser but if you are using a different browser, don’t worry same process works for all. The solution to this is very simple and it does not require any rigorous process or hacking and coding. Simply go to

the address bar of your mobile browser and type in “login.yahoo.com” or copy it and paste. It will open the desktop (computer) version of yahoo mail login page.

Type in your login details and click on Sign in. After successfully logged in to your yahoo mail account and visiting your inbox page, just type in your browser the normal yahoomail.com or m.yahoo.com or ymail.com and you will be redirected to your yahoo email inbox page; from there you can access your inbox mails, spam mails, trash, folders etc. This is your world of solutions.

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