VESTERconcept Joins Nigeria’s First Paid Press Release Distribution Service

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There  is  an  inherent  desire  in  man  to  seek  more  information  that  will make him better and the  internet has  made finding information easy. This crave for information online creates an opportunity for Web Publishers to satisfy this need. The internet has put awesome publishing platforms at our feet for free. What great opportunity! Yet, so many are paralyzed by fear of change or fear of the unknown and of course, fear of failure. So many others who started publishing with the hope of making money from it were discouraged. Thankfully, a unique opportunity is here for online bloggers and publishers to make money from their website.
“The constant decline in readerships on print media requires a unique approach to generate additional revenue. We believe that having an alternative revenue source in addition to the advertisements will help sustain online and print media in Nigeria hence the need for creating a paid press release distribution network,” Aniekan Okono, Business Development Head, Heraldin Service, co.”

About Herald Newswire Distribution service

Herald is a startup newswire distribution service that pays media outlets and or blogs to publish press releases or articles on a pay per materials published basics. This method doesn’t hinder the news outlets or blogs on their traditional revenue generating schemes but instead this method becomes another revenue channel. In addition to the revenue, participants get content without efforts. The service aims to replace the traditional newswire services that don’t pay bloggers or journalists to publish press releases. The services will begin in Nigeria then slowly launch to West Africa then wherever you are in Africa.  The Herald Newswire Nigeria distribution is expected to help companies, blogger and media outlets.

Currently there is a limit for the number of Nigerian journalist, Nigeria online bloggers and Nigerian media outlets that will participate in the first batch of this program. The participants are chosen by their print readership and or their online traffic. Registration is still open until end of February 2014. To join this first batch click HEREto register or visit 

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