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VESTERconcept {your world of IT solutions…..} brings to you  a new tech solution you will love. If you are able to follow and apply the procedures in this article you will be able to watch so many TV channels free of charge using your  fire fox browser. With this concept its  possible to turn your computer into a TV.During our research on watching TV channels with your browsers we came across various software that has lot of TV stations, but a price tag was attached for you to enjoy it in full. In this article  you will learn how to start watching over 2700 channels all fro free on your Firefox Browser. to start watching the free channels you need these three important things.

1. A Firefox Browser (version 1.5 – 3.0.*)
2. Tv-fox Add-on
3. An Internet Connection.

TV-FOX is a Firefox addon that organizes 2780 live TV channels into country as well as category.You can browse different categories like music TV ,sports tv,news,etc.The addon will be available on a toolbar of FireFox adding a small search box with 6 popular search engines – Google, Wikipedia, YouTube, Torrent, eBay and Amazon Search.

All you have to do is download the Tv-fox Add-on,then install the add-on on yourFirefox , then restart Firefox , then you should have this toolbox added to your browser,

Where you can easily navigate through the available channels,One interesting feature about this, is that you can actually watch multiple number of stations all at a time, and that’s is your internet connection is very strong.TV-Fox uses windows media player.So, you will need to install a windows media player plugin before you can start. Finally note that the 
Tv-fox Add-on works with Firefox version 1.5 – 3.0. To visit the TV firefox home page click ME
For more information and or questions click ME to ask your questions and get your reply. You can now play games and chat with your friends with any social network and email address all in one place at VESTERconcept. You can also invite that special person for a video chat just check out our new installed tool bar below. Be a helping hand to others today share  this article  on facebook or twiter. Finally send the username and password of your choice  and your mobile number through this LINK now to open an account with and start sending free customize sms now.  


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