RIM Set to Make BBM [Blackberry Messenger] Available for Android & iOS Devices

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It seems the mobile giant Black Berry is about to unknowingly strip their mobile devices of the unique and special feature which stands their mobile devices out by extending the BBM services to Andriod And Apple mobile operating systems,This simply means that Owners of Apple or Andriod powrred devices can download,install and run Black Messenger!!!…Currently Samsung,LG,Sony,HTC and a few more Mobile phone companies uses the Andriod operating system which is owned and developed by google inc and powers over 65% of the worlds smartphones…The BBM has been one of BlackBerry OS most popular features, years before there was iMessaging, Viber, or WhatsApp. Today, at the company’s annual Blackberry Live 2013 conference,CEO Thorsten Heins announced that thissummer they will make the trademark BlackBerry messaging service available as a third-party app to the two most popular smart platforms – iOS and Android.

Initially, the BlackBerry Messenger or BBM, as it’s more commonly known, will only support BBM chats, multi-person chats, voice note sharing, and BlackBerry Groups, where BBM users areable to set up groups to share calendar, photos, files, etc.

However, as Heins stated on stage, they have plans of making BBM as fully featured on those other platforms as possible. BlackBerry has plans to expandthe functionality of the iOS and Androidapps with some of the new BBM featuressuch as Voice and video calls, Screenshare, and the just announced Channels. These will come as subsequentupdates.

BBM Channels is a new way for BBM users to connect with the businesses, brands, celebrities and groups they are passionate about.

The BBM will be available to iPhones, running at least iOS 6.0, and to droids, running at least Android Ice Cream Sandwich 
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