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In the process of using your Symbian phones there comes a time when some incompatible applications or viral
infections will affect the performance of your mobile.
 At this point your phone misbehaves
continuously. Now this is your world of solution and this article will expose
you to the simple solution to this issue.

All you need do in this type of situation is to Hard reset your phone to
optimize its speed and performance. There are two aspects or types of you will
learn in this article soft and hard reset.



To soft reset your symbian
phone, you 
need to know the security code of the phone. After you boot your
phone, you then type in *#7370#, your security code would be asked of you by
the phone, type it in and press OK. The phone would restart and all those
problems would be solved on your phone. If they persist then try the HARD RESET
Hard Reset:
In this case, all you need do
is switch off your phone and then hold this four keys at the same time,
starting like this
* + 3 + Send Button (Green key) + Power button.

Note that in s60v2 (though not all), the word formatting can be displayed while
s60v3 don’t display them. Make sure that your phone asks you to reset
time, date and other stuff. If you didn’t see such a prompt, it means you
didn’t hold the buttons properly, so you have to redo it to achieve your Hard
Reset. For Nokia N78, the above method will not work. But the method that works
is almost similar to the method above just a little modification. Simply hold
these keys at the same time.

* + 3 + Send Button (multimedia key) + Power button.

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