Latest MTN Blackberry BIS / BIS Complete Packages, Activation Codes and Prices

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Subscription to MTN BIS Monthly and MTN BIS Quarterly will ensure your MTN-to-MTN calls are charged at 17k/sec from the very first minute and off-net calls at 35k/sec. You are automatically migrated to your default tariff plan on the expiration of your BlackBerry plan.

To activate MTN BIS:
MTN BIS Weekly (24 hours) – Text Bbweek to 21600 to activate. N1,000 is deductible
MTN BIS Monthly (30 days) – Text BIS to 21600 to activate. Service fee is N3,000
MTN BIS Quarterly (90 days) – Text BBQ to 21600 to activate. N8,000 is chargeable. The above stated BlackBerry plans offer full BlackBerry wireless solutions. MTN has introduced certain types of truncated Blackberry plans termed BIS Complete. The new plan supports 1 email account ( e.g. Google, yahoo), 1 Blackberry email account, BBM, Internet access,
Social Networking, BlackBerry App world.

To activate MTN BIS Complete:
MTN BIS Complete Weekly (7 days) – Text BBCweek to 21600 to activate. N500 is deductible
MTN BIS Complete Monthly (30 days) – Text BBC to 21600 to activate. Service fee is N1,500
You can also dial *123# and follow the SMS prompts to activate your desired Internet plan. You are to text Status to 21600 to check expiry date of your BlackBerry Service Plan.

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