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VESTERconcept is committed to bringing technology solutions to your door step. After reading this article you will be able to recover deleted files from your personal computers and any external  data storage device you use. There are so many data recovery software’s but the software tested trusted and approved by VESTERconcept is the file scavenger and it will be discussed in detail in this post. The program is able to perform the following recovery.

 Ø  Accidental deletion, removal from the Recycle Bin.

 Ø  Corrupt disk, reformatted or deleted volume or partition.

 Ø   Partially damaged disk with bad spots.

  Ø  Broken RAID or spanned volume.


This is a most common data deleting case that when many people delete

files and emptied their recycle bin, they stop somewhere and then realized that some files they need are gone together with the recycle bin files. It is often and true.

 Corrupt disk, reformatted or deleted volume or partition.

When a disk is corrupted, maybe with some bad sectors here they meant, then File Scavenger is able to get the files from the disk. Together with file recovery from reformatted disk, lost partitions, File Scavenger recover files with another advanced degree. This is what advanced recovery program does the job. Good point.

 Broken RAID or spanned volume.

What does the data recovery consulting firm do the main job? To fix data recovery problems. As we know raid or spanned volumes are used when you got many important files that you do not want to lose when constructuring your disks with RAID controllers. What’s sad? These raid disks sometimes do get damaged and files will be lost and you never expect this. But it is true. File Scavenger is able  to do the recovery.

Tutorial of HOW TO USE  File Scavenger to recovery files

1.  Download a demo from this LINK  (It  provides PC version and portable device version which can enable you to download and install on a portable device, which is a nice point to prevent data overwritten to your former lost files.)

2. Run the program and you will be able to see its main screen.

3. You are able to select file type  before starting file scanning. There are many kinds of file types to choose. Just pick up the right one to search. Or you may also keep it blank and let the program search all existing files.

5. You are able to choose Quick search or Long search. We would recommend you to try the long one, which can recover files all possible files. And then click the right button “Search”

6. Preview lost files by right clicking the file list. Or you may select a found file and then right click, which has a preview function. Then lost files can be previewed with details.

Click this LINK now to download the software and start searching for your lost files now.

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