Before you can start making money online, there is one vital question you need to ask. Not only that, you need to find an answer to it. This is like your foundation to making money online. The question is Where Is the Money on The Internet and how is it Being Made? Be rest assured that these questions will be answered in this article. The truth is in order to make money online you must offer a service remember the common saying “no work no pay” so you don’t expect to sit down at home do noting and watch money roll in from your personal computer into your pockets.
The money being made online is the money people pay for products and services. It’s not really different from the “real world” business. Offer something or service that people want and they will cover you with their money. The only difference is that you don’t need to open a brick and mortar shop to get started. Sometimes, a simple website or blog is all you need to get started. Let us take a look at some hugely profitable Internet businesses out there to prove the fact that you can only make money online when you offer a service or sale a product.
1. Amazon.com; Amazon is a very profitable business. They are the biggest online booksellers. They did not stop at selling books. You can buy gift items, electronics, CDs and even groceries on Amazon. The money they make is from the sales of the products on display on their website.
2. Google.com; Google is the largest Internet search portal and they are very profitable. What do they sell? When you carry out a search on google, you will notice that most times, there will be two different sets of results. The ones on the left hand side (known as the organic search results) and the small ones coloured blue on the right. Those ones on the right hand side are adverts placed there by other website owners and they pay per click, sometimes as high $1 per click. They also sale targeted advertising (Google Adsence) to other website owners and they get paid handsomely for it.
3. Facebook.com; We all know facebook so no stories. Take a look at the ads on the right hand side. The model works like Google. Selling ad spaces on pay per click basis.
4. Doggles.com; I like this website. They made Three Million Dollars last year selling…. wait for it… sun shades dogs can wear to the beach! Now that’s one crazy niche market but don’t forget the fact they sell.
5. DoubleYourDating.com; I like the owner of this site. David D’angelo (his real name is Eben Pagan) has built a multimillion dollar online business based on selling dating advice to men. He sells ebooks, videos, audios etc on dating.
6. WarriorForum.com; This is a discussion forum where Internet marketers converge. It is very popular and if you are looking for a free resource where you can learn online marketing quickly, head over to the website. How does Allen Says (the owner) make his money? He has a paid segment of the forum. You have to pay $35 to gain access. Guess what? Almost all the members (over 100,000) are members of the WAR ROOM. He has another segment called the Warrior Special Offers. There, you are allowed to list your products for sale for a fee. That segment of the forum has become a very busy market place. Allen sure knows how to sell.
7. LinkedIn.com; Another very popular social networking site. Not as popular as facebook but its popularity and membership increases by the day. How do they make money? They have a paid option for membership. The privileges of the free member is limited. When you pay money, you are able to access all the features of the website.

8. Paypal.com; PayPal is an e-commerce business allowing payments and money transfers to be made through the Internet. You can also make use of paypal to accept payments on your website. Do you know what? Paypal makes money per transaction. They are selling a service to people that want to transfer money online.

9. GoDaddy.com; They are the largest domain registrars. Do you know what a domain name is? If you want your website to be called www.vesterconcept.com. You have to buy the name from a registrar. GoDaddy is one of such registrars and they make truck loads of cash.

10. Vanguardngr.com; there make money through adverts on their website.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful if you can also own a cash spitting website? Okay, maybe not as big as the likes of Amazon which is valued at $10 billion but something that can make you millions of Naira every month so you can live the lifestyle you deserve. Hope I have been able to prove to you that you can only make money online when you offer a service.
Now at VESTERconcept we are committed to helping you start a profitable online business. These businesses are proven to be profitable online. Check the links below for details of the Businesses you can start online. Use our contact page to reach us for further . Kindly share this information to those who need it ….


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